30 June 2015

{Outfit Of The Day} Sneaker Game

Sneakers have become a staple for me this Winter and instead of reaching for my boots, I find myself reaching for my Nikes more often than not. I purchased this pair of Nike Air Max 1 sneakers on Superbalist. The floral pattern and mint green tick had me sold the moment I saw the picture online. They are beyond perfect in my eyes and super comfortable. This easy-going outfit is suited for a visit to the Farmers' Market or an appearance at a lazy Sunday afternoon music festival. What do you think of my newly formed sneaker addiction and the outfit as a whole?

Hat - River Island
Top - Woolworths
Leggings - Woolworths
Sneakers - Nike via Superbalist


  1. I've been living in a VERY similar outfit. Jeans, long grey top and white / grey New Balance sneakers I also got on Superbalist. Basically all I am going to wear ON OUR TRIP. Which I am blogging about tonight by the way. ;)

    1. Yes, this outfit is perfect for travelling! I can't wait to read all about it!

  2. Wow, this is a really cute outfit of yours! :D
    I especially like your sneakers. Do you wear them sockless?


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