21 June 2015

{Beauty Review} Revlon Colorstay Whipped

The fact that I am not a fan of foundation is no secret as I have mentioned it many times before in my beauty posts. I tend to reach for my CC Cream more often than not so for me to rave about a foundation, it must be something special. Revlon’s Colorstay Whipped is that special foundation and has won a place in my beauty arsenal - let me tell you why...

Firstly, it is not a mousse foundation. It is whipped and holds a crème-like consistency that is dense and smooth. Think crème brulee not Woolies chocolate mousse. (My apologies if that analogy made you hungry.) That being said, don’t be alarmed by the appearance of the foundation; the product looks much heavier than it feels on the skin. It provides a silky application and blends like a dream.

The foundation offers medium to full coverage and is suitable for oily and dry skin types. Due to the products time release formula, the foundation actually looks better about an hour or two after application and lasts for majority of my work day. One thing I would change about the product is the packaging. I wish it was packaged in a pump bottle however I’m sure there is some scientific reason as to why Revlon chose to place it in the round glass container instead. The bulky packaging makes it difficult to travel with and I have to be mindful of not dipping dirty fingers or brushes into the product. Other than that, it is a great foundation that I have found myself using regularly of late. It is available at Spree for R195.

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