13 April 2015

Body Confidence with Salsa x Cosmopolitan Magazine

Fashion-conscious folk across South Africa, are oh-so grateful that prominent international fashion brands are gracing our shores. It does however become somewhat overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the time and/or patience to go out and investigate all the merchandise, so you stick to what you know. Despite the convenience of this, the downside is that you might be missing out on something great, even ground-breaking. Lucky for you and your FOMO, I’m like Nancy freaking Choo! I’ll do enough rummaging, pulling-at and squeezing-into for the both of us and of course, provide a full report.

In this post, I’ll be shining my torch on the Portuguese denim brand, Salsa which is available in selected Edgars stores as well as at their standalone stores. Firstly, I don't consider myself a jeans girl. I find it hard to feel as confident in jeans as I do in a skirt or a dress. So when I was invited to the Salsa Rosebank store to try on the different styles of jeans, I was convinced that the day would end with me sulking on my bed with a tub of ice cream. Shopping for jeans always leaves me miserable. Not this time! Each of the different styles enhanced my silhouette in ways I never thought possible especially the Mystery style. The secret of this style is the removable pads that give your derrière a naturally fuller appearance. Since that area has never been my biggest asset, this style was basically made for me and it has changed the way I look and feel when wearing jeans. I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing before I tried them on but if you like what you see in the mirror and it boosts your confidence, then to hell with the haters. And if a small rear is not your woe then one of the other styles will have you Heidi Kluming it down the sidewalk.

Salsa and Cosmopolitan Magazine recognise the importance of feeling confident so they will be hosting a Body Confidence Campaign from 24th - 27th April 2015 at the Salsa Rosebank store. You are invited to try on some jeans or even a whole outfit and take a picture that will be printed onto your own Cosmopolitan magazine cover. Two contestants that exude the most body confidence will each win R5000 in Salsa vouchers! On that high note, I conclude this report by insisting that you give this brand a try. After all, life is better in flattering denim and infinitely better after a R5000 shopping spree.

Terms & Conditions:
In order to be eligible to enter the competition, a participant:
  • must be a female of 18 years old or older (bring along a valid identity document or passport as a means of identification)
  • must reside in the Republic of South Africa
  • must attend and participate in the Salsa Body Confidence Model Search event to be held between the 24th and the 27th April at Salsa in Rosebank Mall (50 Bath Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg) between 11h00 and 14h00 daily.
  • may not be contracted to any model agency

Hat - Woolworths
Shirt - Salsa
Jeans - Salsa (Mystery)
Shoes - G Couture
Bag - Accessorize

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