31 March 2015

Pore Your Heart Out with Sorbet

If you are anything like me, you were desperate to get your hands on the Clarisonic when the news that it was launching in South Africa hit the magazines and blogs. Excitedly you read about all its nifty features and skincare benefits only for your glee to turn into despair as your eyes focused on the whopping R3000 price tag.

Lucky for us frugal ladies, electronic handheld facial cleansers are all the rage at the moment so many brands are jumping on the bandwagon and introducing inexpensive substitutes to the market. One such brand is Sorbet, a trusted partner in beauty. Their “Pore Your Heart Out” facial cleanser is available from Clicks stores for only R279. That is a massive “Save vs Splurge” differential.

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t tried the Clarisonic so I can't make any other comparisons other than the price. However, here is what I can tell you about the Sorbet facial cleanser:
  • This nifty little device removes dirt from pores more effectively than manual cleaning.
  • The brush head rotates 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • It is completely water-resistant. I wash my face with the device in the shower.
  • The device is rechargeable with the USB cable that is provided. When it is fully changed, the device can be used continuously for 1 hour.
  • The product comes with a convenient stand that doubles as a storage container for two brush heads.
  • This model comes with 3 different brush heads:
    • Daily cleansing brush for quick removal of dirt.
    • Exfoliating brush with fine tapered bristles for deep cleansing.
    • Silicone brush head for extra sensitive and delicate skin.
  • According to Sorbet’s website, replacement heads will be sold individually within the coming months as well as a super fine latex sponge head which can be used to apply facial masks.

Overall, I am very pleased with my budget-friendly find. Not only is it a relatively inexpensive product, it also allows me to reduce my toiletries bill. You see, using this device drastically diminishes the need for expensive facial cleansers and scrubs. Additionally, it improves the effectiveness of face creams and serums as the fine exfoliating bristles gently remove dead skin cells, allowing the products to penetrate deeper into the skin. 

I use the sensitive brush head once a day, swapping it out for one of the other two brush heads every third day; 20 seconds on my forehead, nose and chin, and 10 seconds on my cheeks. I have not experienced any skin sensitivity since I started using this facial cleanser however, I did have a mild breakout on and around my nose. This is mainly due to the impurities surfacing due to the deeper exfoliation - which is not a bad thing! :)

There you have it, I have “pore(d) my heart out” to you about this nifty gadget from Sorbet and I believe it is worth every cent I paid. Please share your thoughts below. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Love this review! I've been thinking of getting one (I'm intrigued by the different brush heads). You might have swayed me. ;) x

    1. I'm glad, it's great! Thanks for stopping by Hills! X

  2. Yay!! I really wanted one but definitely not paying R3k... Thanks for the intro :) I was.just wondering last night when you were going to blog again. X

    1. Deep down we all want the Clarisonic but this will definitely do for now ;)

  3. Thanks so much for the review. Been eyeing to out in Clicks but couldn't quite make up my mind. My skin has been looking and feeling particularly bleh lately so after reading this, popped out this morning and got one! Can't cant to try it out this evening! 💖

    1. That's awesome Gina! My pleasure! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please let me know how you find using it. X


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