4 February 2015

{Beauty Review} Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask

“The wonderfully gentle yet effective combination of brown rice flour, ground hibiscus and rose geranium essential oil, make the perfect face mask to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin.
Fashion is my big love but I absolutely love blogging about beauty because it allows me to cross paths with products I ordinarily would never have tried. Balm Balm’s Hibiscus Face Mask is such a product and oh my – am I glad it did not pass me by.
Firstly, forget what a face mask should look and feel like. The content of this 40g tub is actually a granular powder. To apply the product to your face, add a little warm water to approximately one teaspoon of powder and mix to form a paste. The product is difficult to apply but the trick is to pack smaller quantities onto your skin instead of trying to apply it in one go. The instructions suggest that the mask remains on your skin for 10 minutes, during this time I suggest that you stay away from all comedic material. The granular layer dries tightly on your face and it feels like you may crack with any sudden movement. All jokes aside, as it dries on your face, the paste gently draws out impurities and provides a deep cleanse that banishes excess oil and minimises pores.

After the suggested time has lapsed, wet your hands and gently massage the formulation into your skin as you would an exfoliator and then wash it off completely. Results are instantly evident. After my experience with the product, my skin was visibly brighter, soft to the touch and more radiant than before the use of the face mask/exfoliator extraordinaire. In addition, I have used the product three times since it was graciously gifted to me by The Glam Green Girl and there has not been one breakout to be seen despite that greasy indulgence that I mentioned in my previous post.

Overall, I absolutely love this product and it will most definitely form part of my skincare arsenal from now onwards. As for the brand, Balm Balm, they are on my radar and I will be making an effort to test out more of their products. Balm Balm products available from Luhla and RubyBox.


  1. Ah yay! Such a great post with amazing photos!
    So glad you love it <3

    1. Thank you so much for introducing the product to me Cassidy! I do love it. :)

  2. Fab review. Beautiful pics! Congrats on the dot com :) xx

    1. Literally couldn't have done it without you Chicara, so thank you! X


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