18 January 2015

{Six Pix} My Weekend In Pictures

What is a weekend without some retail therapy to cure me of my work woes? After tinting my roots and getting a pedicure, I popped into Exclusive Books and I finally got my hands on the incredibly popular book, Girl Boss. I haven’t started reading it yet but I can’t wait to dive in. At Mac, I treated myself to a new lipstick. Pink lips suit me best so the shade, Snob, is right up my alley. Lastly, nothing makes my heart happier than fresh flowers, especially pink roses, so a big bunch for my desk was in order. Side note: I can’t stop sniffing at them even as I type this.
Saturday boasted gloriously hot weather. On days when the temperatures soar like that, the heat demands an outfit consisting of a loose-fitted dress with spaghetti straps, a wide-brimmed hat and floral espadrilles.
I have mentioned before on the blog that I recently transformed my bedroom and promised to showcase the final product. Well, the project has not been finalised just yet because I can’t stop faffing with the ornaments on my desk, rearranging my shelves and imagining a different picture above my bed. Despite my efforts this weekend, I’m still not a 100% happy, however here are two pictures that can give you a glimpse of my progress.
Oh! My shoes you ask? I bought them on sale from Forever New. Do I have a close-up shot you ask? But of course I do!
It is said that a Sunday well spent equates to a week of content. Well, that is especially true for bloggers with a full time job. Unfortunately, I slept too much my Sunday didn’t go as planned and I only managed to write this post and snap some pictures of my favourite Revlon products. I promise I will try and catch up and post the Revlon review as soon as possible. Stay tuned. It’s going to be a goodie.

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