5 January 2015

{Outfit Of The Day} Pineapple Express

I totally want to claim that I was obsessed with pineapple motifs long before they became mainstream but because I don’t have any photographic evidence to prove it, it would seem that I’m only officially boarding the Pineapple Express now. (No drug innuendoes intended.)

Pairing printed T-shirts with pencil skirts is my thing, actually scratch that - pencil skirts are my thing! This faux leather, midi-length pencil skirt is from River Island and it is most definitely my favourite piece of clothing at the moment. I’m so glad that the River Island brand is available in South Africa. When I was doing my Christmas shopping, I saw that their items are now stocked by Edgars’ stores too, which is extra exciting news.

I hope that you all had a lovely festive season and that you are working hard to achieve those New Year’s resolutions. I plan to find more balance this year (so original, I know) but I want to spend less time in front of the spreadsheets and more time making my blog the best it can be. You better hold me to that! If you tell me yours, I’ll return the favour ;)

Top - Mango
Skirt - River Island
Shoes & Bag - Dune
Necklace - Mr Price
Bangle - Topshop


  1. Love the outfit! You look gorgeous and your pics look stunning. :) xx

    You definitely know how to wear the pencil skirt. I want to try wear them more often. They look so chic and for the most part they cover my worst feature - my knees.

    1. Thank you for the awesome comment Chicara! I'm also not a big fan of my knees hence my love for this skirt ;)


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