8 December 2014

Shop and Sell on Gumtree South Africa

There is an eCard that reads “I’m going to use up all of my old makeup before I buy new makeup - said no women ever!”  If you can relate to that eCard then I would bet you have a storage problem. Not necessarily a shopping problem - please refrain from inferring that this is exclusively referring to the stereotypical Sandton girl with tons of shopping bags. Instead, I believe that a substantial majority of individuals (men included) donate/sell/discard less often than they indulge despite the fact that the space in their homes allocated to these things, remain finite.

The result is clothing draped on unused furniture, piles of things accumulating on tables and the overall disruption of the clean lines your space originally possessed. I shudder as I type that sentence. I can’t stand clutter. In my space, everything must have a place. Thus when my cupboard door handles became makeshift clothing rails, I knew a proper spring clean was in order. In the end though, I performed an entire room makeover complete with new floors, a fresh coat of paint and the replacement of my old pine furniture with crisp white pieces including a stand-alone cupboard. My room is now more than just the place that I sleep, it is my serene sanctuary where I’m surrounded by prettiness. I will maybe have to do a post on the transformation because it was definitely a huge project but here is a sneak peek from the bottom corner of my new mirror.

Excuse the digression but the point that I’m trying to make here is that my new fresh space resulted from the fact that I got over my attachment issues and purged a substantial amount of clothes, shoes and furniture. To me, my clothes carry memories but I knew that placing the item in the "donate" pile would afford the item the opportunity to make new memories with someone deserving. The "sell" pile contained the clothes that I literally only wore once – they are as good as new so why not make a buck or two? And of course the best way to sell things in this day and age is most definitely ONLINE!

Gumtree is one of South Africa's leading classified ads websites, creating a market for buyers and sellers to make successful exchanges. My family and I have utilised Gumtree countless times and have successfully sold multiple cars, quad bikes and even an oven. Just about anything can be found on Gumtree with the categories including; PropertyJobsServicesElectronics and tickets to Events. I also noticed the “Charity Donations” category which assists individuals to connect with non-profit organisations and donate items they require.

Fashion is also among the categories and it is the category under which some of my clothes will be found. Posting my free ad was quick and easy just like the navigation around this popular site. Read more about the pieces I decided to sell (including brands like Forever New and Aldo) here and maybe you will even buy an item or two.

With the new year fast approaching and expectations of new beginnings rife, I suggest you use Gumtree to facilitate your change.

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  1. Strange question but where did you get the mirror tray from that's on your dresser? :)


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