26 November 2014

Mango My Style {Report Back}

After initially sharing the #MangoMyStyle news with you over here, I definitely felt as if someone should pinch me. It was official – I had been given the opportunity to style outfits and dispense my fashion advice and opinions to a real, live audience. This is everything to a fashion person, well, to a fashion person like me anyway. Obviously I was beyond excited to frolic amongst the clothing rails and play to my heart’s content but I was definitely nervous to present to the VIP clientele of Mango. More nervous than I would be to present a feedback report to a fancy client at work. The intensified anxiousness definitely stemmed from the fact that I would be presenting on the one thing that truly makes me happy, my absolute passion and I wanted it to be perfect.

Despite landing from Cape Town that afternoon and rushing to the store from the airport, my crusade for perfection was made considerably easier by the gorgeous array of Mango garments I had to choose from when I arrived as well as by the awesome Mango personnel at the Menlyn store. Styling the lovely ladies before the event began was by far the highlight of the evening for me. Dream come true blah blah blah. I know you want me to get to the end product so without further ado let me take you through the outfits I put together.

For my first outfit of the evening, I drew inspiration from my corporate profession. Dressing not only appropriately, but well, for the office is immensely important. Make sure your fashion gets you noticed for all the right reasons. But a Mango lady knows this so on the night I chose to instead emphasise that you should not be afraid to have fun with fashion, even in an office environment. Corporate wear should not solely consist of a mundane grey and black colour palette and the overkill of pinstripes. Incorporate trends into your office attire, mix patterns and play with colour. I demonstrated my philosophy by placing the lovely Tasneem in a dress that creates the illusion that she is wearing a shirt and skirt. This type of dress is tremendously flattering. The black and white geometric grid print, a strong theme throughout Mango’s latest collection, is strategically placed on the bottom half of the dress further emphasising appealing illusions. The monochrome trend is still prevalent but has been updated slightly with the addition of a pop of pastel. A beautifully structured jacket (a renowned Mango staple) in a sugary shade provided the perfect contrast. Overall, the outfit is interesting while maintaining clean lines and a sophisticated tone. Join the girls for dinner after work by swapping your pointed-toe heels for strappy stilettos, pop the jacket over your shoulders and grab a clutch bag.

Top Tip: The monochrome trend doesn’t merely translate into black and white but can also be defined by dressing in one colour from head-to-toe. I don’t suggest dressing entirely in cobalt blue or any jewel tone for that matter. I propose colours like pastel yellow, candy pink and crisp white. White on white is a huge trend this season and it is a subtle way to make a bold statement. Monochrome Dress, R899.95

The next outfit I showcased was the one that I selected for myself to wear. The individual pieces maintained a strong corporate influence however paired together, the outfit did not come across as severe and stereotypically corporate. The tone was more youthful, edgy and fashion-forward. The elongated waistcoat, to me, is the most understated trend at the moment. It is not as obvious as the tropical print, kimono or Birkenstock trends that we constantly see around but if you pay attention you will start to notice the prominence of the elongated waistcoat. The extended lines streamline your frame and create the illusion of a longer torso.  A pair of navy cigarette pants were the perfect complement to the silhouette and in my opinion are essential to every working girl’s wardrobe. Navy and cream are great alternatives to black and white.

Top Tip: Make sure your waistcoat ends ¾ above your knee to avoid making your legs appear shorter. Additionally, should you wish to lengthen the appearance of your frame, wear tailored pants in the exact same colour as your waistcoat, again alluding to the monochrome trend mentioned above. Elongated waistcoat, R899.95

Now, all work and no play is no fun at all thus I chose to showcase some outfits suitable for your days off. The very moment that I was introduced to Christelle, I knew that her tall, slender frame was meant to wear Mango’s distinctive palm print jumpsuit. As I have mentioned previously on the blog; jumpsuits and playsuits are instant, no-fuss outfits perfect to wear during your downtime. Mango took an innovative stab at the tropical trend by marrying the trend with military influences. Red and Khaki were key colours that offered a refreshing take on the repetitive palm tree print. Army attire was additionally referenced through the use of flap pockets and industrial bag straps. To soften this look, I added a light-wash denim jacket and nude wedges. Both of which can be categorised as essential, multipurpose pieces.

Top Tip: Take this jumpsuit from day to night with a structured black blazer and black pointed-toe heels. Printed jumpsuit, R799.99

My last look for the evening encapsulated the Bohemian trend made famous by the Coachella music festival. This is a print-rich trend as is evident by the beautifully embroidered skirt that I saw fitting for Denise’s petite frame. At first, not an obvious choice but the detail on the skirt captured my attention and this outfit ended up as my favourite of the night. The loose-fitting silhouette of the chunky, textured jersey lent itself to the relaxed tone that characterises this trend. The vibrantly coloured beaded necklaces that I slung around her neck, finished off the outfit perfectly.

Top Tip: Miniskirts are a petite girl’s best friend. Embroidered skirt, R699.95

And there you have it, the inside scoop from my first styling gig. I had so much fun that I wish I could do it all again. A huge thank you to all my friends and to the readers of Seams and Silhouettes that attended the event. I appreciate your support tremendously - like you wouldn’t know! Please feel free to email me with any fashion questions that you may have. I would love to help.

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