29 October 2014

A Night Of Fashion

The Night of Fashion event hosted by Edgars and company was indeed a very fashionable outing if I do say so myself – one of the best, actually. Fashionistas from across the country gathered to celebrate the launch of our favourite department store, Edgars, as well as associated brands Dune, Lipsy, Salsa, T.M Lewin and River Island in the newly renovated Rosebank Mall.

A presentation of this season’s key fashion trends kick started events and the usual culprits were mentioned; monochrome, sports luxe and tropical prints to name a few. Afterwards we were given the means and the time to do some shopping and you better believe we did just that. Along with some fellow bloggers, I made a beeline straight for River Island; a brand I was yet to get my hands on. Greeted by a table of colourful treats I could not help but indulge stuff my pie hole with macarons. Looking up from my napkin of delights, my eyes took in the splendour that is the River Island store. From the fashionable clothing pieces so neatly displayed to the ornately decorated areas designated for handbags and shoes, the store is a playground for your eyes.

Gleefully dashing through the store, I inspected every piece of fabulous fabric; each item a fashionable work of art. After an agonising process of elimination, I narrowed down my selection to two printed crop tops. Walking out of the store with my shopping bag in tow did not signal the end, in fact, the evening’s festivities had just begun. A spectacular fashion show showcasing all the brands’ merchandise was next on the agenda. My favourite part of the fashion show was definitely the music that accompanied it; four hot girls jamming electric string instruments. It was amazing!

After tucking into a sufficient amount of sushi and ogling the male models, it was time for the finale. Local musicians Mi Casa took to the stage and absolutely blew me away. Their musicality and stage presence is captivating and the beat… infectious. It didn’t take long before my blogger pals and I started dancing. (Just after we took the most amazing selfie ever, hehe.) All in all, this event was so much fun! Thanks to Irina for inviting me and a huge congratulations to the organisers on a job well done. Make sure you visit all these fabulous fashion outlets at the Mall of Rosebank.


  1. Yay can't wait to see you wearing your new tops!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Oh and for taking that pic of me :)


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