15 September 2014

Fashion Trends: Summer 14/15

Pastels, pleats and the Sports Luxe trend will continue on from last season but let me share with you some of the new fashion trends that are here for summer.

As I’m sure you would have noticed by now, tropical prints are giving florals a run for their money this summer season. All of our major fashion retailers are stocking up on playful pieces covered in pineapples or tropical bird motifs. A jubilant colour palette accompanies the trend with sunset hues, bright blues and lush greens visually transporting us to distant destinations. This trend completely embodies summer. It is fun and light-hearted and can be embraced in all manners of style; from accessories to shirts, dresses to skirts. I’m so in love with this trend! So much so that I couldn’t wait for summer and already incorporated palm prints into my winter outfits. Take a look here.

This style of sandal briefly reared its ugly head last summer season and it seems it is yet to fade away. I am rather undecided regarding this trend - I recently bought a pair but I took it back and got a refund the very next day. I think the key to this trend is finding a style of Birkenstocks (aka the ugly shoe) that suits your feet best. However, if you are a trend chaser, it is definitely the "it" shoe to wear right now. If you would like to kill two (fashion) birds with one stone, select a metallic pair. Metallic footwear will be huge again this season.

It has been quite some time since midi rings became all the rage so it is not surprising that a new jewellery trend has finally emerged. It seems adding bling to your ankles has become more socially acceptable than ever before. Whether you place a delicate chain above a pair of classy heels or whether you rock a temporary ankle tattoo barefooted on the beach, just make sure your ankles shine this summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Camilla! I'm especially looking forward to rocking a temporary ankle tattoo this Summer. (:

  2. obsessed with the tropical prints trend!

    1. Me too Cass! PINEAPPLES!!! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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