10 April 2014

Hair 2 Go

Going from work to a fancy event or even on a date but there is no time to dash home and prep a new fresh look? I understand. I’ve been in this situation many times with working in Johannesburg and living in Pretoria.
Well, the fabulous folks at Blo hairdressing salon have identified this plight of working girls and last week they dedicated an evening to showing a few ladies just how to get fabulous hair on the go. The event was just lovely with the room beautifully decorated and the bubbly on tap.

The team showcased that not only is it possible but also super easy to transform a daytime look into something a bit more glam without the use of a blow dryer, straighter or curling iron. A few models completely changed their hairstyles right in front of us (without a mirror) in less than 5 minutes. Let me show you what I learnt with the help of a few examples:

Casual side braids can effortlessly be transformed into a chic sock bun which looks oh so fancy.

Put some effort into your pony plait in the morning and come 5 o’clock, a little twirling action results in a sleek updo.

With a few more flips and twists, an inverted ponytail becomes a ladylike low-lying bun completed with a pretty hair accessory.

And finally, here are numerous different ways to wear an upside down plait. Apparently, it is much easier than it looks.

Great tips, right? Well, if that wasn’t enough we also had the pleasure of listening to make-up artist, Tiffany Taylor. Tiffany demonstrated how to match your make-up to your new fancy hairstyle by applying a darker shade of lipstick or darkening your eye shadow. Most would have you believe that performing both simultaneously is taboo but Tiffany squashed that make-up myth, suggesting that it is fitting for a very glitzy event or when you know you will be photographed.

And lastly, accessories can of course also play an important role in the transformation. You could for example take the scarf you were wearing around your neck earlier that day and tie it around your bun or plait the scarf into your hair as the Blo stylists demonstrated that evening. 

With regard to jewellery, the beautiful sisters from TrinketTrove introduced us to their signature 3-in-1 piece. It’s a long chain intricately beaded with crystals, charms and inspirational words which can be wrapped around your neck, arm or ankle. So the piece that you wore as a bracelet to the office can later be slung around your neck to draw attention to your décolletage. I’m absolutely obsessed with this piece.

And that’s it. You can seamlessly shift into a whole new look in no time. All that you will need is a nifty kit filled with some basic tools and a bathroom. If you are doubtful about this process and feel that your two left hands could never – don’t fret. Blo hairdressing salon is offering classes to ladies which will be held once a week. The classes aim at providing ladies with the essential tools (read awesome goody bags) and knowledge to effortlessly transform their entire look. Girls with short hair (like me at the moment), you are not excluded from this. There are quick tricks for you to learn too. 

Feel free to contact me or any of the brands for more information.


  1. Was so lovely meeting you that night Ali! I still feel bad that my goodie bag got the bracelet hehe :) xxx

    1. No man, I'm sure it looks beautiful on you! I will definitely get myself one and then we can be twinsies. :-)

  2. I want to try all those hair do's! Gorgeous!
    I suck at the sock bun!

    1. I also have my days with those sock buns. Haha. Thanks for stopping by hun!

  3. It was great meeting you that night. I love the hairstyle pics you've put up on this blog post. Stunning!

    1. Thank you hun! It was so lovely to meet you too. Thanks for popping by! X


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