31 March 2014

Six Pix: Pretoria

1. I met up with a few friends at Alfies in Hazelwood on Friday night. It’s a charming little neighbourhood restaurant specialising in Italian cuisine. The food was absolutely divine to say the least. I ate devoured a roasted red pepper penne dish and shared a white chocolate panna cotta with my friends for dessert. In addition to the delicious food, the service was absolutely outstanding and so personalised. The owners truly pay attention to detail. Go see for yourself! The Hazel Food Market is also situated in this area, read more about the market here.

2. Centurion Mall recently gained two new stores namely; Lucky Brand and Dune London. The Lucky Brand offers premium denim and other casual lifestyle pieces straight from the USA. Dune is a UK-based fashion footwear and accessories brand that recently hit SA shores. I love the fact that both these fabulous brands are now based nice and close to me in pretty Pretoria.

3. On Wednesday morning, I attended a Coffee and Chocolate breakfast at Irene Mall. This is where I was introduced to Snyman Sjokolateur - a Belgium chocolate haven situated in Erasmauskloof. They produce divine handcrafted chocolates in any shape you desire. Their dark chocolate is just heavenly.

4. On Thursday night I was invited to attend the launch of the new Nadine store in Woodlands Boulevard. After viewing Nadine’s collection, I was impressed with the wide range of modern yet elegant styles. The collection features luxurious fabrics and classic lines that enhance femininity. The clothes are 100% Italian; from design to production. The store will have new stock on a weekly basis to insure that their customers always have access to the trendiest Italian pieces.

5. After the Nadine event I spotted the new Yankee Candle shop which is located quite close to the Nadine store in Woodlands Boulevard. By that time, the store was already closed but staring through the store’s glass windows was a feast for the eyes. The store looks like a magical place filled with enchanting scents and I can’t wait to shop in it.

6. Teenagers/Young adults and moms with teenagers - this one is for you. Dermalogica has recently launched Clear Start which is a skincare range aimed at banishing skin breakouts prone amongst teenagers and young adults. The new range was developed with teenagers and young adults in mind to both prevent and treat symptoms of mild to moderate acne. Read more about the range here. I’m really excited about promoting this range because I wish something like this was available when I went through that dreaded stage and I want teenagers and moms to know that a solution exists. Come and get a real feel for this new range at Nanita Dalton Laser, Skin and Body Institute in Centurion on the 4th of April. They are hosting a Clear Start event on the day filled with special offers, treats and gifts. Call 012 663 1041 to book your space.


  1. Ah, thanks for linking to my post on the Hazel Food Market :) I am coming through to Alfies for dinner k. We need a date!

    1. We do desperately! Alfies is so cute - you will love it! X

  2. Belgian chocolate - mmm! My fave :) You must visit the Yankee Candle shop when it's open - you'll be in there for hours sniffing each candle! A Yankee Candle shop just opened near me too and I was in there for hours, literally- my poor dad was so bored haha! :)

    Loren | www.hellominkys.blogspot.com

    1. Shame, your poor dad, I can only imagine you in that store! I will go nuts too I'm sure! I can't wait to go! Thanks for the comment lovely lady! :-)


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