25 March 2014

Dermalogica Facial **Giveaway** with Nanita Dalton

“Look after your skin and teeth – they’re irreplaceable.” Wise words emphasised by my mother throughout my childhood. These words have stuck with me and thus even from a young age I’ve always put a lot of effort into taking care of my skin. Earlier this year I made the decision to take my skincare to the next level and I started using Dermalogica products. I will detail my new skincare regimen in a post to come but for now I’d like to share some key tips on how you should go about establishing an effective skincare routine. Skincare products can be a large financial investment and it’s important to do some homework before you actually purchase a whole bunch of products.

Firstly, do some research of the brands and products that you may like to try and get an idea of what will work best for you. Consider the ingredients included in the product, the retail price and the general sentiment surrounding the brand. Product reviews are a great way to gather unbiased opinions.

Secondly, collect samples and extra information from salons and over the counter within stores. Therapists and salespersons are always more than willing to answer your queries and to guide you towards products based on a description of your skin type. The samples will allow you to compare between products and brands as well as allow you to test how your skin reacts to a product.

Once you’ve narrowed down a specific brand, go for their facial. Facials of most brands include an in-depth consultation where the therapist analyses your skin, detects your problem areas and suggests products most suited to your skin’s needs.

After dabbling with a few different samples, I decided to use my hard earned cash and treat myself to a Dermalogica facial at Nanita Dalton Laser, Skin and Body Institute. The salon opens up onto a serene garden which offers a tranquil environment to relax and rejuvenate. The staff is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and pay extra attention to detail. Nanita Dalton believes in tailoring your facial to your skin’s needs and they design a bespoke experience for you.

My therapist, Yentl, delicately handled my sensitive skin and treated me to some extra pampering because she could tell I was stressed. From applying a customised oatmeal mask to tidying up my unruly eyebrows; Yentl took care of everything and performed pampering fit for royalty. In addition to personalising each facial, Yentl also believes that extractions are part of the panel beating process. This personally appeals to me because I know I shouldn’t squeeze pimples or blackheads myself as it may cause damage to the tissue and even scarring.

After I experienced the whole shebang, Yentl prepared a take-home pack for me containing samples of the products she used during my facial in order for me to maintain my refreshed face for a few days and for me to give all the products she suggested a try. What a lovely touch, isn’t it? Walking out of the salon my skin felt amazing, totally revitalised. When I got home and looked in the mirror my skin appeared marvellously radiant and about a week later, my skin was noticeably healthier. In a nutshell, it was an awesome experience and I absolutely loved it.

Visit their website and peruse the comprehensive services offered by Nanita Dalton here.

Do you want to experience this beautiful salon for yourself? Well, Nanita Dalton kindly sponsored a Dermalogica Microzone Treatment for me to give to one of my readers. The treatment includes a rejuvenating facial as well as a face mapping session.

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A fantastic Dermalogica event will be held at Nanita Dalton on the 4th of April including special promotions and gifts. For more information, keep checking the blog or contact Nanita Dalton directly.


  1. I HAVE to win this. I have never been for a facial and my skin needs some TLC. Also, ALL my beauty products ran out recently and haven't decided what products to stock up on this time so this could help :)
    I have entered via Facebook

    1. Never? I'm holding thumbs for you!!! Thanks for entering!

    2. Yup it's true! Thank you :)

  2. fingers crossed. entered on twitter

  3. Following on Twitter @arumlilea (obviously) ;) xxx

  4. Sounds like your mother is a very wise woman ;-) Would hate to miss out on the opportunity of having my face "mapped", so here goes! https://www.facebook.com/jessejvr

    1. She is indeed! Thank you for entering! Holding thumbs! X

  5. Entered on twitter as @samiola_88 :)

  6. Hey babz!!! Love your blog.....I can see big things are going to happen for you!
    Hope I win <3 Need some TLC....Much love!!

    1. Oops!! :) entered via facebook

    2. Thanks friend! Your support means the world to me! X

  7. Hi Ali,

    FAB tips and an AWESOME giveaway!! My skin is FREAKING out for some reasons...eek! You would think after 20 odd years of crappy skin, there would be some light at the tunnel but unfortunately not! I would love to have some rejuvenation take place on my face and the face mapping sounds like the EXACT thing that I need to figure out what to do!! I love that "Nanita Dalton believes in tailoring your facial to your skin’s needs and they design a bespoke experience for you" because after years of people telling you that your skin will clear up and not really helping much, this is just what I really need!

    Thanks for the lovely write up and I am SO glad that I found your blog!
    Fingers, knees and toes crossed!
    Entered via Twitter (ok and Facebook, just to double my chances!!)

  8. FB: Tammy Wade Perry
    Twitter: @Tamsw9

    1. Aah, thanks Tammy! Your comment warms my heart! Thanks for entering and I'm holding thumbs. Hope to see you pop by more often! :-)


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