21 November 2013

Flower Crowns

The images for this post have been in my drafts for a while now. My bad. Speaking of bad, I fell in love with flower crowns thanks to my favourite songstress, the bad bitch Lana Del Rey. I knew her music before I knew of her. A few of her songs were strewn among an assortment of British pop chart hits which I downloaded from a friend. The song “Blue Jeans” spoke to my soul and I had it on repeat for days. I had to have the CD! As soon as I acquired her repertoire I was engulfed into the deep dark hole that is Lana Del Rey. You know, that wailing out every word at the top of your lungs hunching onto the steering wheel of your car, gripped by the emotional baggage each lyric carried. Stalking her pictures it was evident that her style paid homage to her music, to her soul. I was obsessed. I am obsessed.

When I starting seeing flower crowns pop up in the stores, I immediately thought of Lana. I thought of how she revived the flower crown, made it relevant and edgy through her unapologetic attitude and just like with the CD, I knew I had to own a flower crown. 

A wide variety can be found in stores like Factorie, Lovisa and Mr Price. If you’re not brave enough to wear one out in public (or more accurately your boyfriend won’t let you) buy one anyway and just frolic around in your garden with it on like me. They possess a youthful, whimsical, Coachella-esque aura about them; experience it.

Factorie and Lovisa
My flower crown from Mr Price


  1. Loved this post my friend! :) I definitely need a flower crown in my life!

  2. Thank you! I agree, you definitely do!


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