6 August 2013

The Nineties

Ripped denim, crop tops, combat boots and flannel shirts tied around the waist… smells like teen spirit, smells like a 90s resurrection.

This makes me feel OLD. The fact that the 90s can now be referred to as a fashion trend like the 80s is unsettling. Meh. My age insecurities aside, the 90s bred the pop culture of today and for that I am grateful. Thank you Spice Girls for giving us the fashion powerhouse that is Victoria Beckham. Thank you 90s for launching Britney Spears into the spotlight as she has taught us that no matter how tough times get; don’t shave off your hair, that makes you look batshit crazy! RATHER key a car or something. On that note Amanda Bynes started acting in 1993. Without her we would just have been reading about damn babies throughout 2013. And man, am I thankful for Clueless; the ultimate chick flick that taught us many valuable life lessons and made us fall in love with Paul Rudd even though his movies nowadays are a waste of life but we watch them anyways.

The fash scene is now paying homage to the era of grunge. One of its poster pieces would have to be the Dungaree.

Alexa Chung and Ashley Madekwe (girl from Revenge) have been snapped in the trend. As a side note check out Ashley’s great blog Ring My Bell.

My pick would be this dungaree dress from Factorie. Factorie stores are popping up in all the major South African malls. The store has quite an alternative vibe about it. I like it. Check it out.

Now, I can’t do a post on the 90s without mentioning Flatforms. I can hear your disgust but I love them and own them with pride. My patent black ones are from Woolworths and they are currently on sale BTW. I look forward to wearing them this summer with shorts and dresses. It’s comfort without sacrificing the height.


Oh and remember these? I wish I had kept my Spice platforms from back in the day. Total fashion memento. Mine were the denim pair. Does anyone still have theirs?

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