14 August 2013

Fresh in my Closet: RE Boyfit Jeans

Remember I did a post on boyfriend jeans a while back and that I was struggling to find the perfect pair? Well, I found them at Woolworths. No surprise. I'm SO obsessed with Woolies that even my birthday cake was bought there this year. Their buyers have been right on point with all of the fashion trends this season and these RE boyfit jeans have become a firm favourite of mine.
Top: Makro, Jeans: RE Woolworths, Bag: Forever New

Eeek, so I hate being in front of a camera and would rather be behind it any day but one of my favourite things about other fashion blogs is ooo-ing and aah-ing over their #OOTD. I started this blog so that I could open my world and discover new things not only about fashion but also about me within a fashion world. I know one can only grow if one is willing to step outside of one's comfort zone, so here it goes. 

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