4 July 2013

The skinny on the BFJ

Wiggling, worming, pushing yourself into those damn skinny jeans? Don’t worry, me too! What we do for fashion, right!? Thank goodness the new “IT” jeans are looser, much looser. I guess that was the only way forward because any tighter and somebody would lose a ball sac. Yes, guys suffer for fashion too. Maybe somebody already has, mmm??? Anyways... back to the topic at hand! 

Magazine spreads, bloggers and the street style queens are all sporting BOYFRIEND JEANS! I recommend not going too baggy as you run the risk of looking frumpy or like you don't have your shit together so all your clothes are dirty and you really are wearing your boyfriend's jeans. That's not the objective BTW. Aim for a streamlined silhouette, staying true to your female form. The more distressed the denim, the better. BFJ also allow you to showcase your gorge stilettos. Bonus!

Jeans (and boys) with a little bit of extra 'baggage' completely appeals to me. A BFJ is the item right on top of my lust list and I will definitely post pics when I find THE ONE that fits me best. And just like finding a damn good man, finding the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans is proving more difficult than initially anticipated. Let me know how your hunt goes?  

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