16 July 2013

Shoe Week Post 2: Shoes in the News

I absolutely LOVE shoes!!! I will resist the temptation to elaborate here but decided that it would be rather fitting to centre a week’s worth of blog posts around all things SHOE related. On this fine Tuesday, I have some great news for the SAFA gals – it’s our turn.

It’s annoying drooling over all the beautiful brands the international fash bloggers flaunt on Instagram, knowing I’ll have to cough up a $90 shipping fee to get my hands on it. Arg. Possibly the most annoying account to follow would be that of Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad. Yes, I’ve mentioned her before here. I love her but hate her at the same time. You know what I’m talking about. I had a severe case of JELLY when I saw her ad campaign for Superga. I NEED those feminine pastel crochet lace sneakers in my life and now I'm in with a chance. Like I said dolls, it’s our turn to experience the limited edition Superga for The Blonde Salad collection as they will be available from Superga flagship stores from October 2013. Can I get a YAY!

And there is more… Dune, a UK-based fashion footwear and accessories brand will be hitting our shores too with a standalone Dune store opening in Sandton City Shopping Centre in August (next month) and store-in-store concepts opening in four Edgars branches during November 2013. Double YAY!


  1. I NEED those Superga's! You know I'm not much of a heel girl but those lace tekkies, they are just amazing ;)

  2. They are AMA-zing! Still trying to decide which colour I like best... aah, who am I kidding, the pink of course! ;-)

  3. I think, there is no one in this world who doesn't like shoes. Moreover, I had an opinion that just we boys mostly like to wear funky, stylish and sporty shoes but here by seeing this post I have changed my opinion. Those Superga's shoes are awesome and have excellent design. The dune2 also has shown its difference in the style and design compared to all. The girls could look more beautiful and stylish by wearing the dune2 heals.
    The best way to get these kinds of amazing footwear is online shopping by using coupons. The consumers can shop more at fewer prices.

  4. I agree John, those Superga's are great for ladies that are looking for comfortable sneakers that are stylish and funky yet still feminine. Thanks for the comment.


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