24 July 2013

Girl Crush: Rihanna

I wish I was badass. I really do. I’m obsessed with the cryptic ink of pop stars and fashion bloggers; the rosary wrapped around the ankle and inscription on the wrist. It makes me want a tat so desperately but the truth is I’m just not cool enough to pull it off. You know, that intangible cool factor that can’t actually be defined? Yeah, that, I don’t have it. I’ll just continue web stalking and secretly envying the cool girls then, like a nerd girl should. High school never ends, does it.

Who is on the top of my ‘ultimate-coolnessness-must-stalk’ list you ask? RiRi of course!
RiRi can get away with anything from wearing a baseball cap with a pencil skirt to rocking Chanel without underwear. She is exciting to stalk watch because she is having such fun with her fashion - going her own way. Even though current trends are evident in her streetwear, each ensemble screams who she is. Follow her fash moments on Instagram here.

A side note: maybe I should start small and first get an alias… Alihanna? That's badass, no? ;-)

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  1. I also sometimes wish I could pull off a look that I TOTALLY would not be able too ;(

    Sometimes I would love to just look sexy, you know! Some girls just have it!!! Some of us, not so much. Meh.

    I love your blog. You know that ;) By far my favourite fashion blog and your writing is incredible and just remember me when you're rich and famous please!

  2. THANK YOU for being Seams and Silhouettes' number one supporter ALWAYS! It really means so much reading those kind words you sexy little minx! ;-)


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