15 March 2013

SixPix: Ice Cream Parlour

A colour palette uncommonly associated with the colder seasons was prevalent at the four major fashion weeks showcasing the 2013/14 autumn and winter seasons. The runways were strewn with delightful sorbet hues that can turn any dreary day delightful. My favourite colour combo at the moment is Peach and Mint Green.

Can’t wait to tuck into the Gelato served at my holiday destination next week.


  1. Take me with you!! That Chanel ice-cream cone - #ohmy

    Love that peach skirt with the mint green top (top right pic).

  2. My anticipation for my holiday has taken over! My favourite is the top pic which is from Louis Vuitton's SS12 campaign.

  3. Celebrating a special occasion, and don’t have lip-smacking ice cream to compliment it?? You are missing onto a special part of it. Beautifully designed Ice Cream Parlours, with a wide assortment of yummy flavors, are an invincible part of special celebrations today, especially in summer.


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