4 March 2013

Say it with a Tee

My go-to outfit right now is pairing a formal skirt (like a pencil skirt) with a casual printed T-shirt. I wear it with heels to the office on Fridays or with glittery slippers to a lunch date. As you can see below my favourite T-shirts include a white bird print Tee from Topshop and an original Columbia University Tee which I bought in NYC while staying at the university.

The Columbia Tee has back story... when I got home from the States, it didn't fit me! It was far too small. So I cut off the sleeves, unpicked the sides and sewed in lace panels. And voilĂ ...

T-shirt: TopShop, Skirt: Jo Borkett, Bracelet: Gift from a friend

T-shirt: Columbia University, Skirt: Jo Borkett, Bag: Country Road, Necklace: Woolworths, Glasses: Big Blue

To complete this outfit, I wear a pair of 'nerd' glasses. I wore my pair to the office recently, my boss paused when he saw me and then decided it best not to comment. So funny.

Come on... take a fashion risk.

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