24 March 2013

Attention: Military Is Back

I know you fash bunnies have picked up on the copious amounts of camouflage print that have been unpacked in all of our favourite stores. A new season is upon us and although some of us are not willing to come to terms with the fact that winter is on its way, the transition has begun. Olivia Palermo’s blog has declared Military as one of the biggest trends to emerge from the latest Autumn/Winter fashion weeks.

While searching for Military fashion inspiration I came across some dreadful ensembles that were downright trashy. Pair your camo and army green with girly items or softer hues to avoid the same fate. The point is NOT to look like you are actually in the army!

If the camo print is not up your alley, try incorporate the trend with military inspired jackets, jerseys and coats; this was a trend not too long ago so maybe you still have a great piece somewhere in your closet.

But in my opinion the ultimate item to have in your closet this autumn is an oversized jacket. In an army green it combines both the trends and will most certainly become a key piece in your wardrobe due to its versatility.

I enjoy the in-between weather. Autumn offers the opportune time to wear those blouses and jackets that are too heavy for summer and too light for winter. Whatever your opinion on the looming cooler months, usher them in with a bang, yes ma’am?


  1. Your fav look is mine too! And YAY - I have an army green oversized coat, so yes ma'am will wear it with a bang ;)

  2. That's what I like to hear my little fash soldier ;-)Love the feedback!


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