3 February 2013

The Leather Look

I have been very impressed with Woolworths’ stock of late. Their buyers have been right on trend. Wide-eyed, I run around the store, clutching an insanely huge pile of clothes. I know I won’t be able to afford all the items, but just carrying them around for a few minutes makes me feel better about the world. In the process of doing this a few weeks ago, I came across the "What’s Hot" display and my decision on what to buy that day became much simpler. So after returning all the items in my grasp to their rightful spots (because I’d feel bad if I didn’t), I left satisfied only purchasing a rocking pleather mini skirt which has received numerous compliments to date.

Leather jackets are a staple in my cupboard, especially in cool weather or for late nights. Black obviously being the default but I also own burgundy and olive which goes great with subdued hues.


Most associate leather with bikers, punk rock bands . . . Russel Brand or for the kinky kids, dominatrix.  The new trend emerging breaks the mould of this material and provides us a new take on the stereotypes. Add a bit of edge to your wardrobe by not confining leather to jackets, handbags and shoes. Introduce unconventional forms of leather. Accent leather in the form of pockets, panels and collars for a small introduction.

Should you wear solid leather items keep the silhouettes classic to avoid looking tacky. A leather pencil skirt with your standard work shirt is totally appropriate for the office or try leather skinny jeans paired with a boyfriend jacket for drinks. Also execute the trend with leather shorts or a peplum.

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  1. I love leathers too! And ADORE that leather pencil skirt you bought :)


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