11 February 2013

Textured Skirts

Feathers, sequins, studs and appliqué; these images evoke princess fantasies and I find myself rerunning Taylor Swift music videos in my mind. A textured skirt is a lust-have item.

My shopping philosophy is splurge on classic statement pieces and for all the rest department stores offer great ‘fillers’ for your wardrobe. A textured skirt most certainly falls into the former category. I received a Forever New mint green mini skirt as a gift this past Christmas. The scallop pattern decorated with diamantés is candy for the eyes. The only possible downside of textured skirts is the challenge posed when attempting to sit down, but who needs to sit when you look that good standing, right?

Forever New
My dog loves it too...


  1. What a beautiful skirt Ali!

  2. Love this trend! It translates so nicely from summer and into winter with some sexy stockings :)


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