3 February 2013

Six Pix: A Hero's Welcome

Mayday Mayday! Running around in your underwear with heaps of bundled clothes everywhere? Or are you less frantic and opt to give your cupboard the stare down? Whatever the scenario, time starts to run out and panic ensues.

In the fashion world, lifesaving buoys are not red . . . they are most certainly black. Most ladies know it’s the go-to colour when you’re drowning in your wardrobe or feel like a beached whale. Black offers classic as well as edgy; serious and sexy.

To honour black for all the outfits it has saved, I have made it the theme for my first SixPix.


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  2. This is going to be an awesome regular feature! Love it :)

    Possibly add a "share to pinterest" button?

  3. Definitely! Once I get my coding skills up to scratch!


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