11 February 2013

Heartfelt Gratitude

"Success does not help happiness as much as happiness helps success"

As I rang in 2013 I promised myself I would exercise more, eat healthier and indulge my creative side. Unfortunately, on the whole, I failed. I have been to the gym once this year and I’m wolfing down a brownie as I type this post. However, 2013 thus far feels like the most fruitful year to date. I have indulged, not only brownies, but most importantly my creative spirit which has been dimmed by financial textbooks over the past few years. I made a conscious decision to feel more and think less. I feel I’m exactly where I should be. 

Last week was just awesome! I received an overwhelming amount of compliments regarding the blog and the number of views sky-rocketed. The cherry on top… being asked to guest blog on a popular SA fashion blog; FashionCherry. A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported my passion. Please continue to interact with us, we love it! Any tips, suggestions, questions or even fashion pics are most certainly welcome.

Links to my articles on FashionCherry and posts on New York Fashion Week to follow. Here are a few Instagrams from the past few weeks.

A bracelet from a dear friend, OPI's The Living Daylights

Gold glitter heels from Aldo, a heart-shaped faux pearl necklace from Mr. Price 

Desk d├ęcor from  @home and Foschini

What girls eat

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