3 February 2013

Girl Crush: Victoria Beckham

To say I’m OBSESSED with Victoria is an understatement! I’ve loved her since I can remember; the Spice Girl’s CD cover, puzzles and posters all still vivid memories. In re-enactments of the 90’s pop group (as kids do) my friends just knew I was always Posh Spice, always. The fact that she is now one of the top wearers and designers of clothes, adds a real-life fairy-tale element to her appeal, well, especially for me.

In a recent interview she admitted to fashion helping her define herself other than the wife of a hunk soccer star or a member of a girl group. How can one not feel all warm and fuzzy inside after reading that and realising, it is true, Victoria has broken down the boxes people put her in and has emerged a damn fine fashion designer who can compete with the Von Furstenbergs of the industry. Her brand is bigger than ever and she is most certainly capitalising on it. She has ingeniously launched a brand new ecommerce site that is creating a lot of hype and has the fashion community desperately anticipating her new Icon collection which will offer key items from the archive.

Sharp. Sophisticated. I love VB’s signature aesthetic, which underpins both her personal and runway looks. The structured dresses and sky-high heels epitomise my style and I absolutely love the silhouette her clothes create. In my opinion, Victoria has used fashion as a conduit and become more personable over the years despite her aversion to smiling. I believe in her passion for clothes, her commitment to the industry. Knowing someone has found there niche worlds apart from where they started is very inspiring. Victoria Beckham, you are my number one style icon.

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