3 February 2013

Divine Denim

Denim is the staple of every cool girl's wardrobe. The latest trend in denim is to wear derivatives of the iconic fabric from head to toe.  To execute this casual look flawlessly, avoid pairing pieces with the same material make up. Create contrast with different hues and textures. Try Chambray which is lighter than denim in weight and usually colour. It also goes great with black, white and even camo.


  1. Obsessed with denims too! Still wear a Mickey Mouse denim jacket I bought in Disney World when I was 10 ! #retro. The head to toe denim is my fav, own a little dress (although the head to toe does not work on some people, think farmer brown!) Also have a denin "smart shirt" - looks great dressed up for work or paired with coloured jeans for the more casual look.

  2. Agreed. The goal is not to resemble Lennie from Of Mice and Men.


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