11 February 2013


A small way to make a big statement. Whether embellished with beads or pearls, adorned with lace or diamantés, in all shapes and sizes collars add sophistication and are totally glam.

I picked up this polka dotted maroon dress from Cotton On for only, get this . . .R90! Adding an embellished collar-shaped necklace underneath the dress's existing collar completed the outfit and no other jewellery was necessary.

Dress: Cotton On,  Necklace: Woolworths,  Shoes:Aldo

Mr Price

Collar Clips

A huge smile spread across my face as my eyes caught a glimpse of the delicate silver collar clips sprawled across Forever New’s display table. I thought of all my dreary button down work shirts that were in dire need of a revamp and quickly scrounged together R150. My collar clip, as seen below, was a great buy. The classic piece will stay in my jewellery box for years to come. 

Forever New


  1. I love that you include pics from your own wardrobe. Thanks, this is stunning!

  2. Thank you, my wardrobe is a mixture of clothes from many different retailers. I want girls to see that you can shop anywhere, even Makro. Bargain buys are the best buys! Thank you for supporting the blog!!!


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